Spin state modulation on dual Fe center by adjacent Ni sites enabling the boosted activities and ultra-long stability in Zn-air batteries.

Science bulletin(2023)

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Breakthrough in developing cost-effective Fe-based catalysts with superior oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activities and ultra-long-term stability for application in Zn-air batteries (ZABs) remain a priority but still full of challenges. Herein, the neighboring NiN single-metal-atom and FeN dual-metal-atoms on the N-doped hollow carbon sphere (Fe/Ni-NHCS) were deliberately constructed as the efficient and robust ORR catalyst for ZABs. Both theory calculations and magnetic measurements demonstrate that the introduction of NiN provides a significant role on optimizing the electron spin state of FeN sites and reducing the energy barrier for the adsorption and conversion of the oxygen-containing intermediates, enabling the Fe/Ni-NHCS with excellent ORR performance and ultralow byproduct HO yield (0.5%). Impressively, the ZABs driven by Fe/Ni-NHCS exhibit unprecedented long-term rechargeable stability over 1200 h. This work paves a new venue to manipulate the spin state of active sites for simultaneously achieving superior catalytic activities and ultra-long-term stability in energy conversion technologies.
spin state modulation,adjacent ni sites,dual fe center,ultra-long,zn-air
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