Electronically enhancing the long-range nanopositioning accuracy of a Lorentz force actuator

Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering(2023)

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This paper presents a precision centimeter-range positioner based on a Lorentz force actuator using flexure guides. An additional digital-to-analog converter and an operational amplifier (op amp) circuit together with a suitable controller are used to enhance the positioning accuracy to the nanometer level. First, a suitable coil is designed for the actuator based on the stiffness of the flexure guide model. The flexure mechanism and actuator performance are then verified with finite element analysis. Based on these, a means to enhance the positioning performance electronically is presented together with the control scheme. Finally, a prototype is fabricated, and the performance is evaluated. This positioner features a range of 10 mm with a resolution of 10 nm. The proposed scheme can be extended to other systems.
Nanopositioning,Flexure guides,Long range,Voice coil motor,Lorentz force actuator
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