Finding Top-k Important Edges on Bipartite Graphs: Ego-betweenness Centrality-based Approaches.


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Bipartite graph is an important data structure that widely exists in disease prevention and control, community detection, and other real-life applications. In a bipartite graph, edges not only connect entries of different types but also are bridges of different communities in the above applications. However, research to date has not yet focused on edge importance in bipartite graphs. Inspired by this, we study a new problem of top-k edge search in bipartite graphs with the goal of finding k most important edges for a given bipartite graph; these edges are crucial bridges among communities. In particular, we introduce the measure of ego-betweenness for evaluating the importance of edges. To handle this problem effectively, a lazy bound-based algorithm is first proposed by integrating an upper bound pruning strategy. After that, to further get better efficiency, a greedy bound-based heuristic algorithm is explored on the basis of a tighter upper bound which contributes to reducing redundant computation for calculating ego-betweenness. Last but not least, two parallel techniques with different levels of granularity, called P -src and P -task, are respectively introduced to further improve the search efficiency. The experimental results on both real-world and synthetic graphs demonstrate the efficiency and scalability of the proposed algorithms.
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