A Human Pose Similarity Calculation Method Based on Partition Weighted OKS Model.


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Image-based calculation of human pose similarity is one of the computer vision research fields. Most existing research uses the human skeleton joint to calculate the human pose similarity, but usually does not consider the influence of inaccurate recognition of skeleton joint on similarity calculation caused by the complex environment (such as the occlusion of body parts, etc.). We propose a human pose similarity calculation method based on partition weighted OKS model. Due to the influence of external factors such as occlusion, the skeleton joint extracted by the human pose estimation algorithm is inaccurate, which leads to the decrease of the accuracy of the human pose similarity calculation. We propose the partition rule of human skeleton joints and the dynamic strategy adjustment of partition weight. The partition weighted OKS model and a human pose similarity calculation method based on the partition weighted OKS model are given. The experimental results on datasets show that the proposed method for human pose similarity calculation is superior to the traditional one.
Compute vision,Human pose similarity,OKS algorithm,Human skeleton joint recognition
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