Sharp Feature-Preserving 3D Mesh Reconstruction from Point Clouds Based on Primitive Detection.

Remote. Sens.(2023)

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High-fidelity mesh reconstruction from point clouds has long been a fundamental research topic in computer vision and computer graphics. Traditional methods require dense triangle meshes to achieve high fidelity, but excessively dense triangles may lead to unnecessary storage and computational burdens, while also struggling to capture clear, sharp, and continuous edges. This paper argues that the key to high-fidelity reconstruction lies in preserving sharp features. Therefore, we introduce a novel sharp-feature-preserving reconstruction framework based on primitive detection. It includes an improved deep-learning-based primitive detection module and two novel mesh splitting and selection modules that we propose. Our framework can accurately and reasonably segment primitive patches, fit meshes in each patch, and split overlapping meshes at the triangle level to ensure true sharpness while obtaining lightweight mesh models. Quantitative and visual experimental results demonstrate that our framework outperforms both the state-of-the-art learning-based primitive detection methods and traditional reconstruction methods. Moreover, our designed modules are plug-and-play, which not only apply to learning-based primitive detectors but also can be combined with other point cloud processing tasks such as edge extraction or random sample consensus (RANSAC) to achieve high-fidelity results.
point clouds,feature-preserving
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