DIP-RL: Demonstration-Inferred Preference Learning in Minecraft


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In machine learning for sequential decision-making, an algorithmic agent learns to interact with an environment while receiving feedback in the form of a reward signal. However, in many unstructured real-world settings, such a reward signal is unknown and humans cannot reliably craft a reward signal that correctly captures desired behavior. To solve tasks in such unstructured and open-ended environments, we present Demonstration-Inferred Preference Reinforcement Learning (DIP-RL), an algorithm that leverages human demonstrations in three distinct ways, including training an autoencoder, seeding reinforcement learning (RL) training batches with demonstration data, and inferring preferences over behaviors to learn a reward function to guide RL. We evaluate DIP-RL in a tree-chopping task in Minecraft. Results suggest that the method can guide an RL agent to learn a reward function that reflects human preferences and that DIP-RL performs competitively relative to baselines. DIP-RL is inspired by our previous work on combining demonstrations and pairwise preferences in Minecraft, which was awarded a research prize at the 2022 NeurIPS MineRL BASALT competition, Learning from Human Feedback in Minecraft. Example trajectory rollouts of DIP-RL and baselines are located at https://sites.google.com/view/dip-rl.
preference learning,demonstration-inferred
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