FACTS: Facial Animation Creation using the Transfer of Styles

Jack Saunders, Steven Caulkin,Vinay Namboodiri

Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics(2023)

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The ability to accurately capture and express emotions is a critical aspect of creating believable characters in video games and other forms of entertainment. Traditionally, this animation has been achieved with artistic effort or performance capture, both requiring costs in time and labor. More recently, audio-driven models have seen success, however, these often lack expressiveness in areas not correlated to the audio signal. In this paper, we present a novel approach to facial animation by taking existing animations and allowing for the modification of style characteristics. Specifically, we explore the use of a StarGAN to enable the conversion of 3D facial animations into different emotions and person-specific styles. We are able to maintain the lip-sync of the animations with this method thanks to the use of a novel viseme-preserving loss.
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