The Generalized Integrated Interleaved Zipper Codes With Anchor Decoding

IEEE Transactions on Communications(2023)

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Constructions of high-performance hard-decision decodable error correction codes are important for high-speed communication systems. In this paper, we present the generalized integrated interleaved (GII) zipper codes, in which multiple zipper codes are coupled together by the constraint of the GII code. The resulting codes are referred to as GII-zipper codes. Firstly, since the performances of GII-zipper codes are sensible to miscorrections, we propose an enhanced anchor decoder (AD) which uses the hard-decision results during the GII decoding to assign anchor reliability to reduce miscorrections. We then analyze the size and multiplicity of the minimum-sized stall patterns (MSSPs) of the GII-zipper codes. The analytical results show that the size of the MSSPs of the GII-zipper codes is larger that of the zipper codes. Finally, we present extensive simulation results to show the performance advantages of the GII-zipper codes. The results show that, when decoded with the original AD, the GII-zipper codes perform better than the comparable zipper codes and we can obtain further performance gain by the enhanced AD. Particularly, a GII-staircase code with a rate of 0.846 can achieve 0.74 dB from capacity at a bit error rate (BER) of 10 −15 .
Anchor decoding, forward error correction codes, generalized integrated interleaved (GII) codes, product-like codes, zipper codes
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