"It has changed my picture of myself": how did females living with chronic pain perceive the impact of the standard pain rehabilitation, including the occupational therapy lifestyle intervention REVEAL(OT)?

Disability and rehabilitation(2023)

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Chronic pain rehabilitation that included an occupational therapy intervention supported health behavior transformation and chronic pain self-management in females, where meaningful daily occupations and physical activity played an important role. Individually tailored support, also available after chronic pain rehabilitation, would benefit the transformation process towards improved pain coping in females.Implications for rehabilitationPersonal gains for health and well-being may develop over a shorter or longer time after chronic pain rehabilitation.Targeting daily occupations and physical activity during chronic pain rehabilitation appears meaningful for females living with chronic pain.Progression from an individual to group approach can be relevant in planning chronic pain rehabilitation, but the individual capacities shall be considered.Male perspectives on chronic pain rehabilitation that includes focus on daily occupations and lifestyle need further investigation.
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