Mechanical Response of MEMS Suspended Inductors under Shock Using the Transfer Matrix Method.

Tianxiang Zheng,Lixin Xu


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MEMS suspended inductors are susceptible to deformation under external forces, which can lead to the degradation of their electrical properties. The mechanical response of the inductor to a shock load is usually solved by a numerical method, such as the finite element method (FEM). In this paper, the transfer matrix method of linear multibody system (MSTMM) is used to solve the problem. The natural frequencies and mode shapes of the system are obtained first, then the dynamic response by modal superposition. The time and position of the maximum displacement response and the maximum Von Mises stress are determined theoretically and independently of the shock. Furthermore, the effects of shock amplitude and frequency on the response are discussed. These MSTMM results agree well with those determined using the FEM. We achieved an accurate analysis of the mechanical behaviors of the MEMS inductor under shock load.
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Key words
MEMS suspended inductors, shock load, transfer matrix method, dynamic response
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