DeepTPpred: A Deep Learning Approach with Matrix Factorization for Predicting Therapeutic Peptides by Integrating Length Information.

IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics(2023)

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The abuse of traditional antibiotics has led to increased resistance of bacteria and viruses. Efficient therapeutic peptide prediction is critical for peptide drug discovery. However, most of the existing methods only make effective predictions for one class of therapeutic peptides. It is worth noting that currently no predictive method considers sequence length information as a distinct feature of therapeutic peptides. In this paper, a novel deep learning approach with matrix factorization for predicting therapeutic peptides (DeepTPpred) by integrating length information are proposed. The matrix factorization layer can learn the potential features of the encoded sequence through the mechanism of first compression and then restoration. And the length features of the sequence of therapeutic peptides are embedded with encoded amino acid sequences. To automatically learn therapeutic peptide predictions, these latent features are input into the neural networks with self-attention mechanism. On eight therapeutic peptide datasets, DeepTPpred achieved excellent prediction results. Based on these datasets, we first integrated eight datasets to obtain a full therapeutic peptide integration dataset. Then, we obtained two functional integration datasets based on the functional similarity of the peptides. Finally, we also conduct experiments on the latest versions of the ACP and CPP datasets. Overall, the experimental results show that our work is effective for the identification of therapeutic peptides.
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