Tri-objective optimization of a waste-to-energy plant with super critical carbon dioxide and multi-effect water desalination for building application based on biomass fuels.


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In the present research, an innovative biomass-based energy system for the production of electricity and desalinated water for building application is proposed. The main subsystems of this power plant include gasification cycle, gas turbine (GT), supercritical carbon dioxide cycle (s-CO), two-stage organic Rankine cycle (ORC) and MED water desalination unit with thermal ejector. A comprehensive thermodynamic and thermoeconomic evaluation is performed on the proposed system. For the analysis, first the system is modeled and analyzed from the energy point of view, then it is examined similarly from the exergy point of view, and then an economic analysis (exergy-economic analysis) is performed on the system. Then, we repeat the mentioned cases for several types of biomasses and compare them with each other. Grossman diagram will be presented to better understand the exergy of each point and its destruction in each component of the system. After energy, exergy and economic modeling and analysis, the system is analyzed and modeled using artificial intelligence to help the system optimization process, and the model obtained with genetic algorithm (GA) to maximize the output power of the system, minimize the cost system and maximizing the rate of water desalination is optimized. The basic analysis of the system is analyzed inside the EES software, then it is transferred to the MATLAB software to optimize and check the effect of operational parameters on the thermodynamic performance and the total cost rate (TCR). It is analyzed and modeled artificially and this model is used for optimization. The obtained result will be three-dimensional Pareto front for single-objective and double-objective optimization, for work-output-cost functions and sweetening-cost rate with the specified value of the design parameters. In the single-objective optimization, the maximum work output, the maximum rate of water desalination, and the minimum TCR will be 55,306.89 kW, 17216.86 m/day, and $0.3760/s, respectively.
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super critical carbon dioxide,carbon dioxide,optimization,biomass,tri-objective,waste-to-energy,multi-effect
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