Sb 2 Se 3 /CdS/ZnO photodetectors based on physical vapor deposition for color imaging applications.

Optics letters(2023)

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The reported antimony selenide (SbSe) photodetectors (PDs) are still far away from color camera applications mainly due to the high operation temperature required in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and the lack of high-density PD arrays. In this work, we propose a SbSe/CdS/ZnO PD created by physical vapor deposition (PVD) operated at room temperature. Using PVD, a uniform film can be obtained, so the optimized PD has excellent photoelectric performance with high responsivity (250 mA/W), high detectivity (5.6 × 10 Jones), low dark current (∼10 A), and short response time (rise: < 200 μs; decay: < 200 μs). With the help of advanced computational imaging technology, we successfully demonstrate color imaging applications by the single SbSe PD; thus, we expect this work can bring SbSe PDs in color camera sensors closer.
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