Characteristics, logging identification and major controlling factors of bedding-parallel fractures in tight sandstones

Zilong Li,Changyu Fan, Bo Sun, Xiaojie Han,Xiao Hui,Xiuqin Deng,Aiguo Wang,Gang Wang

Geoenergy Science and Engineering(2023)

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More and more tight oil and gas exploration practices show that bedding-parallel fractures (BPFs) are closely related to hydrocarbon migration and accumulation. However, there is still a lack of studies on the detailed characterization, the logging identification method and the major controlling factors of BPFs. The tight sandstones in the northern Sanbian of Ordos Basin have developed numerous BPFs which are typical research objects. In this study, the development characteristics and oil-bearing of BPFs were firstly analyzed based on cores, thin sections and image logs. Then, constrained by the BPFs appearing in cores and image logs, the identification method of BPFs was established by conventional log curves. Finally, the major controlling factors for the formation of BPFs were discussed.
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