Twin-Field Quantum Key Distribution over 511 km Optical Fiber Linking two Distant Metropolitans

Research Square (Research Square)(2021)

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Abstract The basic principle of quantum mechanics guarantee the unconditional security of quantum key distribution (QKD) at the cost of inability of amplification of quantum state. As a result, despite remarkable progress in worldwide metropolitan QKD networks over the past decades, long haul fiber QKD network without trustful relay has not been achieved yet. Here, through sending-or-not-sending (SNS) protocol, we complete a twin field QKD (TF-QKD) and distribute secure keys without any trusted repeater over a 511 km long haul fiber trunk linking two distant metropolitans. Our secure key rate is around 3 orders of magnitudes greater than what is expected if the previous QKD field test system over the same length were applied. The efficient quantum-state transmission and stable single-photon interference over such a long distance deployed fiber paves the way to large-scale fiber quantum networks.
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km optical fiber linking,quantum,twin-field
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