A Lightweight CNN Architecture for Automatic Modulation Classification


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Automatic modulation classification (AMC) algorithms based on deep learning (DL) have been widely studied in the past decade, showing significant performance advantage compared to traditional ones. However, the existing DL methods generally behave worse in computational complexity. For this, this paper proposes a lightweight convolutional neural network (CNN) for AMC task, where we design a depthwise separable convolution (DSC) residual architecture for feature extraction to prevent the vanishing gradient problem and lighten the computational burden. Besides that, in order to further reduce model complexity, global depthwise convolution (GDWConv) is adopted for feature reconstruction after the last (non-global) convolutional layer. Compared to recent works, the experimental results show that the proposed network can save approximately 70~98% model parameters and 30~99% inference time on two well-known benchmarks.
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Key words
automatic modulation classification, convolutional neural network, depthwise separable convolution, feature reconstruction, global depthwise convolution
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