Transportation Internet: A Sustainable Solution for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Hui Li,Yongquan Chen,Keqiang Li, Chong Wang,Bokui Chen


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New challenges such as automation, connection, electrification, and sharing (ACES) have brought disruptive changes to vehicles, transportation, and mobility services, which urgently requires an ideal solution for sustainable transportation. This paper introduces the Internet as a paradigm and, for the first time, proposes the Transportation Internet (TI), inspired by the similarity between the Internet and transportation. Referring to the construction ideas of the Internet, this paper establishes the framework of TI, proposes the transportation router based on the transportation switching and routing models, and preliminarily forms a large-scale automatic transportation solution. Following the latest technologies of the Internet, this paper further presents the software-defined transportation (SDT) by separating the control plane and transport plane of the transportation router, which can enhance transportation routing and provide Internet-like capabilities such as centralized intelligent control, terminals plug-and-play, and open application ecology. The evaluation of the prototype system shows promising results. The software-defined signals (SDS) can save 36% energy compared to signal machines, and the software-defined vehicles (SDV) automatic driving can save 24% energy compared to manual driving. Overall, TI brings innovations to sustainable transportation, and provides a framework for a new generation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).
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Key words
Transportation,Internet,Routing,Biological system modeling,Vehicle-to-everything,Switches,Artificial intelligence,Internet paradigm,intelligent transportation systems (ITS),transportation internet (TI),transportation router,software-defined transportation (SDT),software-defined signals (SDS),software-defined vehicles (SDV)
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