Maintenance strategy selection: A multi-criteria group decision-making method based on cloud DEMATEL-ANP

Research Square (Research Square)(2022)

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Abstract The selection of maintenance strategy is a very important work in maintenance engineering. Taking the meta-action unit(MU) as the research carrier, considering the randomness and fuzziness of expert evaluation and the interaction between evaluation criteria in the selection process of maintenance strategy, this paper proposes a maintenance strategy selection method based on cloud DEMATEL-ANP. Firstly, the cloud-DEMATEL model is used to establish the interaction model between the main criteria, determine the weighted cloud weight of the super matrix and the inner dependencies of the sub-criteria under the same main criteria. Then, the cloud-ANP model is used to determine the outer dependencies relationship and construct the cloud super matrix, so as to obtain the cloud weight of each evaluation criteria in maintenance strategy selection. By using the subjective and objective weighting method, the evaluation of different experts on different maintenance strategy criteria is integrated, and the priority of alternative maintenance strategies of MU is obtained. Finally, different methods are used to sort and compare the alternative maintenance strategies of the rotating body rotation MU of the CNC machine tool turntable, which verifies the scientificity and effectiveness of the method proposed in this paper are verified.
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