Basis-set-error-free RPA correlation energies for atoms based on the Sternheimer equation

arXiv (Cornell University)(2023)

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The finite basis set errors for all-electron random-phase approximation (RPA) correlation energy calculations are analyzed for isolated atomic systems. We show that, within the resolution-of-identity (RI) RPA framework, the major source of the basis set errors is the incompleteness of the single-particle atomic orbitals used to expand the Kohn-Sham eigenstates, instead of the auxiliary basis set (ABS) to represent the density response function $\chi^0$ and the bare Coulomb operator $v$. By solving the Sternheimer equation for the first-order wave function on a dense radial grid, we are able to eliminate the major error -- the incompleteness error of the single-particle atomic basis set -- for atomic RPA calculations. The error stemming from a finite ABS can be readily rendered vanishingly small by increasing the size of the ABS, or by iteratively determining the eigenmodes of the $\chi^0 v$ operator. The variational property of the RI-RPA correlation energy can be further exploited to optimize the ABS in order to achieve a fast convergence of the RI-RPA correlation energy. These numerical techniques enable us to obtain basis-set-error-free RPA correlation energies for atoms, and in this work such energies for atoms from H to Kr are presented. The implications of the numerical techniques developed in the present work for addressing the basis set issue for molecules and solids are discussed.
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