Developing internet of things (iot) trainer as a learning media for remote control subject

Indonesian Scholars Scientific Summit Taiwan Proceeding(2022)

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This paper describes the proposed system, which could help the user to understand the basic knowledge of the Internet of Things (IoT) for education purposes. The proposed method has been developed using an all-in-one package trainer of IoT, consisting of several parts, i.e., node sensor, web-based application, node master, and output module. Therefore, three main functions could help the user understand the basic knowledge of IoT: monitoring, data logging, and control functions. Moreover, this proposed system has been developed using System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method, and it has been validated by material experts and media experts of media kit development. The result shows that the proposed system got a validation score of as much as 95.83% & 97.12% by the experts. Furthermore, the feasibility score from the small group implementation is 91%, while the large group implementation is 93%. Based on the validation and implementation data, it can be concluded that the developed product is feasible to be applied.
iot,remote control subject,learning media,trainer
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