The HCI Aspects of Public Deployment of Research Chatbots: A User Study, Design Recommendations, and Open Challenges

Morteza Behrooz, William Ngan, Joshua Lane, Giuliano Morse, Benjamin Babcock,Kurt Shuster,Mojtaba Komeili,Moya Chen, Melanie Kambadur,Y-Lan Boureau,Jason Weston大牛学者


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Publicly deploying research chatbots is a nuanced topic involving necessary risk-benefit analyses. While there have recently been frequent discussions on whether it is responsible to deploy such models, there has been far less focus on the interaction paradigms and design approaches that the resulting interfaces should adopt, in order to achieve their goals more effectively. We aim to pose, ground, and attempt to answer HCI questions involved in this scope, by reporting on a mixed-methods user study conducted on a recent research chatbot. We find that abstract anthropomorphic representation for the agent has a significant effect on user's perception, that offering AI explainability may have an impact on feedback rates, and that two (diegetic and extradiegetic) levels of the chat experience should be intentionally designed. We offer design recommendations and areas of further focus for the research community.
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