Spatio-temporal variability and intra-event variation of throughfall ammonium and nitrate in a pine plantation

Chunyu Wang,Xinchao Sun,Chunbin Fan,Yixin Wei, Guangkai Jia,Yanhong Cao


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Forest canopies are the functional interface between ecosystem and the atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition. However, the sources of spatio-temporal variability and intra-event variation of N deposition via throughfall (TF) remain ambiguous. Here, we analysed TF samples for concentrations and fluxes of ammonium (NH4+) and nitrate (NO3-) using an array of 20 fixed-position collectors on an event and within event basis throughout the 2019 growing season in a Chinese pine plantation, Northern China. Results showed that the volume weighted mean concentrations of NH4+ and NO3- in TF were significantly higher than those in bulk precipitation (BP) during the study period. A canopy budget model indicated that canopy uptake was more dominant than dry deposition for NH4+, while the reverse was true for NO3-. This caused a comparable TF NH4+ flux but an enhanced TF NO3- fluxes compared to BP. The intra-event trend and magnitude of TF NH4+ and NO3- concentrations were influenced by the antecedent dry period and rainfall intensity, and indicated that biological nitrification may occur in the canopies. In addition, due to the larger of canopy NH4+ uptake that counteracted the amplifying effect of dry deposition, the spatial variability of TF NH4+ concentration was significantly lower than that of TF NO3- concentration, and exhibited more temporal persistence. No relationship was found between the spatial distribution of TF NH4+ concentration and the TF amount, the distance to the nearest trunk, nor the canopy cover, whereas the TF NO3- concentration was significantly related to the TF amount and the canopy cover. These findings can enhance our understanding of N processes within canopies, and have important implications for evaluating the impacts of N deposition in forest ecosystems.
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Key words
throughfall ammonium,pine plantation,spatio‐temporal variability
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