Web-Scale Semantic Product Search with Large Language Models.

PAKDD (3)(2023)

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Dense embedding-based semantic matching is widely used in e-commerce product search to address the shortcomings of lexical matching such as sensitivity to spelling variants. The recent advances in BERT-like language model encoders, have however, not found their way to realtime search due to the strict inference latency requirement imposed on e-commerce websites. While bi-encoder BERT architectures enable fast approximate nearest neighbor search, training them effectively on query-product data remains a challenge due to training instabilities and the persistent generalization gap with cross-encoders. In this work, we propose a four-stage training procedure to leverage large BERT-like models for product search while preserving low inference latency. We introduce query-product interaction pre-finetuning to effectively pretrain BERT bi-encoders for matching and improve generalization. Through offline experiments on an e-commerce product dataset, we show that a distilled small BERT-based model (75M params) trained using our approach improves the search relevance metric by up to 23% over a baseline DSSM-based model with similar inference latency. The small model only suffers a 3% drop in relevance metric compared to the 20x larger teacher. We also show using online A/B tests at scale, that our approach improves over the production model in exact and substitute products retrieved.
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