KHGCN: Knowledge-Enhanced Recommendation with Hierarchical Graph Capsule Network.


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Knowledge graphs as external information has become one of the mainstream directions of current recommendation systems. Various knowledge-graph-representation methods have been proposed to promote the development of knowledge graphs in related fields. Knowledge-graph-embedding methods can learn entity information and complex relationships between the entities in knowledge graphs. Furthermore, recently proposed graph neural networks can learn higher-order representations of entities and relationships in knowledge graphs. Therefore, the complete presentation in the knowledge graph enriches the item information and alleviates the cold start of the recommendation process and too-sparse data. However, the knowledge graph's entire entity and relation representation in personalized recommendation tasks will introduce unnecessary noise information for different users. To learn the entity-relationship presentation in the knowledge graph while effectively removing noise information, we innovatively propose a model named knowledge-enhanced hierarchical graph capsule network (KHGCN), which can extract node embeddings in graphs while learning the hierarchical structure of graphs. Our model eliminates noisy entities and relationship representations in the knowledge graph by the entity disentangling for the recommendation and introduces the attentive mechanism to strengthen the knowledge-graph aggregation. Our model learns the presentation of entity relationships by an original graph capsule network. The capsule neural networks represent the structured information between the entities more completely. We validate the proposed model on real-world datasets, and the validation results demonstrate the model's effectiveness.
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