Minotaur: A SIMD-Oriented Synthesizing Superoptimizer


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Minotaur is a superoptimizer for LLVM's intermediate representation that focuses on integer SIMD instructions, both portable and specific to x86-64. We created it to attack problems in finding missing peephole optimizations for SIMD instructions-this is challenging because there are many such instructions and they can be semantically complex. Minotaur runs a hybrid synthesis algorithm where instructions are enumerated concretely, but literal constants are generated by the solver. We use Alive2 as a verification engine; to do this we modified it to support synthesis and also to support a large subset of Intel's vector instruction sets (SSE, AVX, AVX2, and AVX-512). Minotaur finds many profitable optimizations that are missing from LLVM. It achieves limited speedups on the integer parts of SPEC CPU2017, around 1.3%, and it speeds up the test suite for the libYUV library by 2.2%, on average, and by 1.64x maximum, when targeting an Intel Cascade Lake processor.
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synthesizing superoptimizer,minotaur,simd-oriented
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