Development of high frequency annular array ultrasound transducers using interdigital bonded composites

Ultrasonics Symposium(2009)

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The design, fabrication, and testing of 1-3 composite annular array transducers is presented. An interdigital bonded (IB) 1-3 composite was manufactured using two IB operations on a fine-grain piezoelectric ceramic. Unloaded epoxy was used for both the matching and backing layers and a flexible circuit was used for interconnect. The final composite had 19 ¿m wide posts separated by 6¿m wide polymer kerfs. One array was tested and the results were found to be in good agreement with KLM modeled results. The average measured pulse-echo response for array elements was 34.3 MHz with 57.5 % -6 dB bandwidth. The maximum crosstalk between neighbor elements was -38.5 dB. A novel fabrication step greatly simplified fabrication process by eliminating the need for electrode patterning and alignment of that pattern between the composite and flex circuit.
composite materials,crosstalk,integrated circuit interconnections,interdigital transducers,piezoceramics,ultrasonic transducers,array elements,electrode patterning,fine-grain piezoelectric ceramic,flexible circuit,high frequency annular array ultrasound transducers,interconnect,interdigital bonded composites,pattern alignment,pulse-echo response,transducer design,transducer fabrication,transducer testing,unloaded epoxy,annular array,composite,high frequency,ultrasound,acoustics,transducers
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