BiomedGPT: A Unified and Generalist Biomedical Generative Pre-trained Transformer for Vision, Language, and Multimodal Tasks

Kai Zhang, Jun Yu, Zhiling Yan, Yixin Liu, Eashan Adhikarla, Sunyang Fu, Xun Chen, Chen Chen, Yuyin Zhou, Xiang Li,Lifang He, Brian D. Davison, Quanzheng Li, Yong Chen, Hongfang Liu,Lichao Sun


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In this paper, we introduce a unified and generalist Biomedical Generative Pre-trained Transformer (BiomedGPT) model, which leverages self-supervision on large and diverse datasets to accept multi-modal inputs and perform a range of downstream tasks. Our experiments demonstrate that BiomedGPT delivers expansive and inclusive representations of biomedical data, outperforming the majority of preceding state-of-the-art models across five distinct tasks with 20 public datasets spanning over 15 unique biomedical modalities. Through the ablation study, we also showcase the efficacy of our multi-modal and multi-task pretraining approach in transferring knowledge to previously unseen data. Overall, our work presents a significant step forward in developing unified and generalist models for biomedicine, with far-reaching implications for improving healthcare outcomes.
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