Electric Field Measurement and Application Based on Rydberg Atoms

Electromagnetic Science(2023)

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Microwave sensing offers important applications in areas such as data communication and remote sensing. It has thus received much attention from academia, industry, and governments. Atomic wireless sensing uses the strong response of the large electric dipole moment of a Rydberg atom in response to an external field to achieve precise measurement of a radio frequency (RF) signal. This method offers advantages over traditional wireless sensing including ultrawide energy level transitions, which makes it responsive to RF electric fields over a wide bandwidth. Here, we briefly review the progress of electric field measurement based on Rydberg atoms. We discuss the properties of Rydberg atoms, measurement using Rydberg atoms, experimental progress in electric field measurement of different bands, and different methods for detecting electric fields (such as atomic superheterodyne, machine learning, and critically enhanced measurement). The development of Rydberg atomic measurement focuses on the advantages of Rydberg atomic sensing, especially when compared to conventional microwave receivers. This work is of major significance to developing Rydberg-based measurements in astronomy, remote sensing, and other fields.
electric field measurement,atoms,electric field
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