QuickCSGModeling: Quick CSG Operations Based on Fusing Signed Distance Fields for VR Modeling

Shuangmin Chen,Rui Xu, Jian Xu,Shiqing Xin,Changhe Tu,Chenglei Yang, Lin Lu

ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications(2023)

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The latest advancements in Virtual Reality(VR) enable the creation of 3D models within a holographic immersive simulation environment. In this paper, we create QuickCSGModeling , a user-friendly mid-air interactive modeling system. We first prepare a dataset consisting of diverse components and precompute the discrete signed distance function (SDF) for each component. During the modeling phase, users can freely design complicated shapes with a pair of VR controllers. Based on the discrete SDF representation, any CSG-like operation (union, intersection and subtraction) can be performed voxel-wisely. Also, we maintain a single dynamic SDF for the whole scene, whose zero-level set surface exactly encodes the most recent constructed shape. Both SDF fusion and surface extraction are implemented via GPU for a smooth user experience. 34 volunteers were asked to create their favorite models using QuickCSGModeling. With a simple training, most of them can create a fascinating shape or even a descriptive scene quickly. We also discuss how to extend our system to create articulated models with hinges, where an adaptive cube subdivision has to be enforced to improve the reconstruction accuracy around the hinge part, followed by a Dual Contouring-based surface extraction.
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