Class-Dynamic and Hierarchy-Constrained Network for Entity Linking

Database Systems for Advanced Applications(2023)

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Entity Linking (EL) aims to map mentions in a text to corresponding entities in a knowledge base. Existing EL methods usually rely on sufficient labeled data to achieve the best performance. However, the massive investment in data makes EL systems viable only to a limited audience. There is ample evidence that introducing entity types can provide the model prior knowledge to maintain the model performance in low-data regimes. Unfortunately, current low-data EL methods usually employ entity types by rule constraints, which are in a shallow manner. Furthermore, they usually ignore fine-grained interaction between mention and its context, resulting in insufficient semantic information of mention representation in low-data regimes. To this end, we propose a Class-Dynamic and Hierarchy-Constrained Network (CDHCN) for entity linking. Specifically, we propose a dynamic class scheme to learn a more effective representation for each entity type. Besides, we formulate a hierarchical constraint scheme to reduce the matching difficulty of the given mention and corresponding candidate entities by utilizing entity types. In addition, we propose an auxiliary task called mention position prediction (MPP) to obtain an informative mention representation in low-data regimes. Finally, extensive in-domain and out-of-domain experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of our method.
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