Ultra-High Resolution Segmentation With Ultra-Rich Context: A Novel Benchmark

CVPR 2023(2023)

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With the increasing interest and rapid development of methods for Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) segmentation, a large-scale benchmark covering a wide range of scenes with full fine-grained dense annotations is urgently needed to facilitate the field. To this end, the URUR dataset is introduced, in the meaning of Ultra-High Resolution dataset with Ultra-Rich Context. As the name suggests, URUR contains amounts of images with high enough resolution (3,008 images of size 5,120x5,120), a wide range of complex scenes (from 63 cities), rich-enough context (1 million instances with 8 categories) and fine-grained annotations (about 80 billion manually annotated pixels), which is far superior to all the existing UHR datasets including DeepGlobe, Inria Aerial, UDD, etc.. Moreover, we also propose WSDNet, a more efficient and effective framework for UHR segmentation especially with ultra-rich context. Specifically, multi-level Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) is naturally integrated to release computation burden while preserve more spatial details, along with a Wavelet Smooth Loss (WSL) to reconstruct original structured context and texture with a smooth constrain. Experiments on several UHR datasets demonstrate its state-of-the-art performance. The dataset is available at https://github.com/jankyee/URUR.
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