Empowering People in Human-Robot Collaboration: Bringing Together and Synthesising Perspectives.


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There is growing awareness that the future of robotics is a collaborative one. Although rapid technological advancements are driving the development and maturation of robotics platforms across a range of domains, the methods by which people work with these platforms remains a largely open question. Unpacking this solution requires a multifaceted approach with key contributions from diverse fields and disciplines including user modelling, adaptive interfaces, persistent communication, interaction design, human factors, and situational awareness. This workshop intends to discuss the opportunities, threats, and future of collaborative robotics. We invite researchers and practitioners in Human-Computer Interaction, Robotics and Engineering, Ethics, Psychology, Social Sciences, Design, Architecture, and Artificial Intelligence, who work actively or wish to expand their knowledge to discuss the requirements for next-generation human-robot collaboration, and synthesise a path towards the future where people and robots work hand in hand.
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