A web application for reasoning on probabilistic description logics knowledge bases

Software: Practice and Experience(2023)

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The aim of the Semantic Web is making information and resources from the Web automatically processable by machines. Usually, the uncertainty characterizing much of this information is addressed by means of a probabilistic semantics. Following the vision of a "Probabilistic Semantic Web", a plethora of probabilistic semantics have been proposed: some of them change the syntax and/or the semantics itself of the knowledge representation language, others allow one to annotate axioms of a knowledge base with a probability value. Among the latter, the DISPONTE semantics exploits probabilistic annotations to extend query answering with the capability of returning the probability of a query being true in a domain. In order to promote the adoption of Probabilistic Semantic Web we first developed BUNDLE, a framework that can exploit different underlying (probabilistic and non-probabilistic) reasoners to perform probabilistic inference under the DISPONTE semantics. In this paper we present a web application for BUNDLE, to show how DISPONTE is easily usable even in already established applications and systems. It allows users to query a DISPONTE knowledge base written or uploaded directly in the application interface by using just a web browser, without the need to install any software on their machine. It is accessible on the web at and also provides some examples for familiarizing with the application. The results of a usability evaluation involving human participants are also reported, showing the relevance and the practical impact of the tool and possible ways for improvement.
description logics,inference,probabilistic description logics,semantic web,web applications
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