Investigation on RF/Analog Performance in SiGe Pocket n-Tunnel FET


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In this paper, a SiGe pocket n-TFET is designed and its electrical performance is extracted using a TCAD simulator. Initially, a comparative study of input characteristics among conventional TFET (Device 1), intrinsic SiGe pocket TFET (Device 2), and doped SiGe pocket TFET (Device 3) is presented. It is seen that Device 2 shows an improved switching ratio (I-ON/I-OFF) compared to other Devices. Furthermore, the RF/analog performance such as transconductance (g(m)), output conductance (g(d)), intrinsic gain (g(m)/g(d)), gate capacitance (C-gg), cut-off frequency (f(c)), transconductance frequency product (TFP), gain frequency product (GFP), and gain transconductance frequency product (GTFP) is reported for the variation in x of SiGe pocket from 0 to 1. The eBTBT rate and electron density are plotted for the variation in x of SiGe pocket Vertical TFET. The results reveal that the increase in x leads to an improvement in RF/analog performance and the tunneling rate in SiGe pocket Vertical TFET.
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Key words
BTBT,RF,analog performance,SiGe pocket,TFET
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