Fisc: A Large-scale Cloud-native-oriented File System.


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Despite the progress of cloud-native technologies, existing distributed file systems are ill-suited for multi-tenant cloud-native applications for two reasons, First, their clients are typically heavyweight, resulting in a low level of resource multiplexing among containers. Second, their architecture is based on network gateway and falls short in providing efficient, highly-available and scalable I/O services for cloud-native applications. In this paper, we propose Fisc, a large-scale, cloud-native-oriented distributed file system. Fisc introduces three key designs: (1) a lightweight file system client to improve the multiplexing of resources with a two-layer resource aggregation, (2) a storage-aware distributed gateway to improve the performance, availability and scalability of I/O services, and (3) a DPU-based virtio-Fisc device offloading key functions to hardware. Fisc has been deployed in production for over three years and now serves cloud applications running over 3 million cores. Results show that Fisc client only consumes 69% CPU resources compared to the traditional file system client. The production environment shows that the average latency of online searching tasks is less than 500 mu s when they access their files in Fisc.
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