Adaptive Control for Gravitational Wave Detection Formation Considering Time-Varying Communication Delays

Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)(2023)

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A distributed six-degree-of-freedom (6-DOF) cooperative control for multiple spacecraft formation is investigated considering parametric uncertainties, external disturbances, and time-varying communication delays. Unit dual quaternions are used to describe the kinematics and dynamics models of the 6-DOF relative motion of the spacecraft. A distributed coordinated controller based on dual quaternions with time-varying communication delays is proposed. The unknown mass and inertia, as well as unknown disturbances, are then taken into account. An adaptive coordinated control law is developed by combining the coordinated control algorithm with an adaptive algorithm to compensate for parametric uncertainties and external disturbances. The Lyapunov method is used to prove that the tracking errors converge globally asymptotically. Numerical simulations show that the proposed method can realize cooperative control of attitude and orbit for the multi-spacecraft formation.
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Key words
distributed coordinated control,communication delays,adaptive control,dual quaternions
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