Variable Autonomy for Human-Robot Teaming (VAT)

HRI '23: Companion of the 2023 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction(2023)

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As robots are introduced to various domains and applications, Human-Robot Teaming (HRT) capabilities are essential. Such capabilities involve teaming with humans in\ on\ out-the-loop at different levels of abstraction, leveraging the complementing capabilities of humans and robots. This requires robotic systems with the ability to dynamically vary their level or degree of autonomy to collaborate with the human(s) efficiently and overcome various challenging circumstances. Variable Autonomy (VA) is an umbrella term encompassing such research, including but not limited to shared control and shared autonomy, mixed-initiative, adjustable autonomy, and sliding autonomy. This workshop is driven by the timely need to bring together VA-related research and practices that are often disconnected across different communities as the field is relatively young. The workshop's goal is to consolidate research in VA. To this end, and given the complexity and span of Human-Robot systems, this workshop will adopt a holistic trans-disciplinary approach aiming to a) identify and classify related common challenges and opportunities; b) identify the disciplines that need to come together to tackle the challenges; c) identify and define common terminology, approaches, methodologies, benchmarks, and metrics; d) define short- and long-term research goals for the community. To achieve these objectives, this workshop aims to bring together industry stakeholders, researchers from fields under the banner of VA, and specialists from other highly related fields such as human factors and psychology. The workshop will consist of a mix of invited talks, contributed papers, and an interactive discussion panel, toward a shared vision for VA.
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VariableAutonomy, shared control, shared autonomy, mixed-initiative, sliding autonomy
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