Recent Developments in Game-Theory Approaches for the Detection and Defense against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs): A Systematic Review


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Cybersecurity has become a prominent issue in regard to ensuring information privacy and integrity in the internet age particularly with the rise of interconnected devices. However, advanced persistent threats (APTs) pose a significant danger to the current contemporary way of life, and effective APT detection and defense are vital. Game theory is one of the most sought-after approaches adopted against APTs, providing a framework for understanding and analyzing the strategic interactions between attackers and defenders. However, what are the most recent developments in game theory frameworks against APTs, and what approaches and contexts are applied in game theory frameworks to address APTs? In this systematic literature review, 48 articles published between 2017 and 2022 in various journals were extracted and analyzed according to PRISMA procedures and our formulated research questions. This review found that game-theory approaches have been optimized for the defensive performance of security measures and implemented to anticipate and prepare for countermeasures. Many have been designed as part of incentive-compatible and welfare-maximizing contracts and then applied to cyber-physical systems, social networks, and transportation systems, among others. The trends indicate that game theory provides the means to analyze and understand complex security scenarios based on technological advances, changes in the threat landscape, and the emergence of new trends in cyber-crime. In this study, new opportunities and challenges against APTs are outlined, such as the ways in which tactics and techniques to bypass defenses are likely to evolve in order to evade detection, and we focused on specific industries and sectors of high interest or value (e.g., healthcare, finance, critical infrastructure, and the government).
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cybersecurity,attacks,behavior,network security,mobile,smartphone,trend,systematic review
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