Preparation of carbon quantum dots from ionic liquid modified biomass for the detection of Fe3+ and Pd2+ in environmental water.

Ecotoxicology and environmental safety(2023)

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A new type of green carbon quantum dots (ILB-CQDs) was prepared by hydrothermal method using ionic liquid as a modifier and grape skin as carbon source, and was obtained from hydrogen-bonded lattice structure ionic liquid preparation, which makes the CQDs in a ring-like stable structure with a stability period of more than 90 day. There is also the catalytic effect of the ionic liquid on cellulose, which makes the prepared CQDs show good advantages, such as uniform particle size, high quantum yield (26.7%), and very good fluorescence performance. This is a smart material for the selective detection of Fe3+ and Pd2+. It has a detection limit of 0.001 nM for Fe3+ and 0.23 µM for Pd2+ in pure water. It has a detection limit of 3.2 nmol/L for Fe3+ and 0.36 µmol/L for Pd2+ in actual water, both of which meet the requirements of WHO drinking water standards. And there is to achieve more than 90% of water restoration effect.
Biomass ionic liquid smart materials fluorescent probe
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