Reliability assessment method based on the meta-action unit for complex mechanical system

Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology(2023)

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In this paper, a functionality unit named as meta-action unit (MAU) is proposed to correlate the system function with the part actions and assess reliability of mechanical system. Firstly, the function of system is decomposed into multiple MAUs by function-movement-action (FMA). Then, the lifetime of MAU is fitted by Weibull distribution, and its parameters are estimated by support vector regression (SVR). In addition, taking the distributions of MAU as marginal distributions, the lifetime distribution of mechanical system is constructed by copula function to assess system reliability, and its parameters are estimated using the maximum likelihood estimator (MLE). Further, the reliability assessment accuracy based on MAU is compared with that from traditional method based on mechanical part failure modes. Finally, the reliability assessment of the indexing turntable (IT) is performed as an example to illustrate the feasibility and reasonability of the proposed method.
Copula function, Lifetime distribution, Meta-action unit, Reliability assessment, Supporting vector regression
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