Theoretically Guided Iterative Design of the Sense2Quit App for Tobacco Cessation in Persons Living with HIV.

International journal of environmental research and public health(2023)

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The use of mobile health (mHealth technology) can be an effective intervention when considering chronic illnesses. Qualitative research methods were used to identify specific content and features for a mobile app for smoking cessation amongst people living with HIV (PWH). We conducted five focus group sessions followed by two Design Sessions with PWH who were or are currently chronic cigarette smokers. The first five groups focused on the perceived barriers and facilitators to smoking cessation amongst PWH. The two Design Sessions leveraged the findings from the focus group sessions and were used to determine the optimal features and user interface of a mobile app to support smoking cessation amongst PWH. Thematic analysis was conducted using the Health Belief Model and Fogg's Functional Triad. Seven themes emerged from our focus group sessions: history of smoking, triggers, consequences of quitting smoking, motivation to quit, messages to help quit, quitting strategies, and mental health-related challenges. Functional details of the app were identified during the Design Sessions and used to build a functional prototype.
Design Sessions,HIV,focus group sessions,mHealth,qualitative,tobacco cessation
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