DINet: Deformation Inpainting Network for Realistic Face Visually Dubbing on High Resolution Video


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For few-shot learning, it is still a critical challenge to realize photo-realistic face visually dubbing on high-resolution videos. Previous works fail to generate high-fidelity dubbing results. To address the above problem, this paper proposes a Deformation Inpainting Network (DINet) for high-resolution face visually dubbing. Different from previous works relying on multiple up-sample layers to directly generate pixels from latent embeddings, DINet performs spatial deformation on feature maps of reference images to better preserve high-frequency textural details. Specifically, DINet consists of one deformation part and one inpainting part. In the first part, five reference facial images adaptively perform spatial deformation to create deformed feature maps encoding mouth shapes at each frame, in order to align with the input driving audio and also the head poses of the input source images. In the second part, to produce face visually dubbing, a feature decoder is responsible for adaptively incorporating mouth movements from the deformed feature maps and other attributes (i.e., head pose and upper facial expression) from the source feature maps together. Finally, DINet achieves face visually dubbing with rich textural details. We conduct qualitative and quantitative comparisons to validate our DINet on high-resolution videos. The experimental results show that our method outperforms state-of-the-art works.
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