Securing Biomedical Images from Unauthorized Training with Anti-Learning Perturbation


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The volume of open-source biomedical data has been essential to the development of various spheres of the healthcare community since more `free' data can provide individual researchers more chances to contribute. However, institutions often hesitate to share their data with the public due to the risk of data exploitation by unauthorized third parties for another commercial usage (e.g., training AI models). This phenomenon might hinder the development of the whole healthcare research community. To address this concern, we propose a novel approach termed `unlearnable biomedical image' for protecting biomedical data by injecting imperceptible but delusive noises into the data, making them unexploitable for AI models. We formulate the problem as a bi-level optimization and propose three kinds of anti-learning perturbation generation approaches to solve the problem. Our method is an important step toward encouraging more institutions to contribute their data for the long-term development of the research community.
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