IKD+: Reliable Low Complexity Deep Models For Retinopathy Classification

2023 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP)(2023)

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Deep neural network (DNN) models for retinopathy have estimated predictive accuracies in the mid-to-high 90%. However, the following aspects remain unaddressed: State-of-the-art models are complex and require substantial computational infrastructure to train and deploy; The reliability of predictions can vary widely. In this paper, we focus on these aspects and propose a form of iterative knowledge distillation(IKD), called IKD+ that incorporates a tradeoff between size, accuracy and reliability. We investigate the functioning of IKD+ using two widely used techniques for estimating model calibration (Platt-scaling and temperature-scaling), using the best-performing model available, which is an ensemble of EfficientNets with approximately 100M parameters. We demonstrate that IKD+ equipped with temperature-scaling results in models that show up to approximately 500-fold decreases in the number of parameters than the original ensemble without a significant loss in accuracy. In addition, calibration scores (reliability) for the IKD+ models are as good as or better than the base mode
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Retinopathy,Knowledge Distillation,Model Calibration,EfficientNets,Medical Image Processing
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