Al Foil-Supported Carbon Nanosheets as Self-Supporting Electrodes for High Areal Capacitance Supercapacitors.

Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)(2023)

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Self-supporting electrode materials with the advantages of a simple operation process and the avoidance of the use any binders are promising candidates for supercapacitors. In this work, carbon-based self-supporting electrode materials with nanosheets grown on Al foil were prepared by combining hydrothermal reaction and the one-step chemical vapor deposition method. The effect of the concentration of the reaction solution on the structures as well as the electrochemical performance of the prepared samples were studied. With the increase in concentration, the nanosheets of the samples became dense and compact. The CNS-120 obtained from a 120 mmol zinc nitrate aqueous solution exhibited excellent electrochemical performance. The CNS-120 displayed the highest areal capacitance of 6.82 mF cm at the current density of 0.01 mA cm. Moreover, the CNS-120 exhibited outstanding rate performance with an areal capacitance of 3.07 mF cm at 2 mA cm and good cyclic stability with a capacitance retention of 96.35% after 5000 cycles. Besides, the CNS-120 possessed an energy density of 5.9 μWh cm at a power density of 25 μW cm and still achieved 0.3 μWh cm at 4204 μW cm. This work provides simple methods to prepared carbon-based self-supporting materials with low-cost Al foil and demonstrates their potential for realistic application of supercapacitors.
areal capacitance,carbon nanosheets,chemical vapor deposition,hydrothermal reaction,self-supporting electrode,supercapacitors
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