EquiPocket: an E(3)-Equivariant Geometric Graph Neural Network for Ligand Binding Site Prediction


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Predicting the binding sites of the target proteins plays a fundamental role in drug discovery. Most existing deep-learning methods consider a protein as a 3D image by spatially clustering its atoms into voxels and then feed the voxelized protein into a 3D CNN for prediction. However, the CNN-based methods encounter several critical issues: 1) defective in representing irregular protein structures; 2) sensitive to rotations; 3) insufficient to characterize the protein surface; 4) unaware of data distribution shift. To address the above issues, this work proposes EquiPocket, an E(3)-equivariant Graph Neural Network (GNN) for binding site prediction. In particular, EquiPocket consists of three modules: the first one to extract local geometric information for each surface atom, the second one to model both the chemical and spatial structure of the protein, and the last one to capture the geometry of the surface via equivariant message passing over the surface atoms. We further propose a dense attention output layer to better alleviate the data distribution shift effect incurred by the variable protein size. Extensive experiments on several representative benchmarks demonstrate the superiority of our framework to the state-of-the-art methods.
ligand binding site prediction,graph,neural network
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