Design and Implementation of Manipulator Based on Arduino

Xi Zhang大牛学者,Yan Yang, Zhanyong Wei, Baoping Han

2022 International Conference on Automation, Robotics and Computer Engineering (ICARCE)(2022)

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This paper first introduces the research background and significance of Chinese robotic arm research, and studies the current situation of Chinese domestic robotic arm research and development, and integrates Arduino technology and robotic arm design. Therefore, this paper gives the design of Chinese robotic arm based on Arduino technology. This paper will first introduce the development tools, overall structure and principle required for the design, and use ArduinoIDE software to program, and analyze the forward kinematics and inverse kinematics of the four-degree-of-freedom motion. The detailed design of the mechanical arm is made. The hardware selects Arduino UNO R3, the mechanical arm selects a four-degree-of-freedom mechanical arm that can be combined, the main control panel selects the Arduino UNO board, and the control module selects the PS2 rocker. It can adapt to the industrial needs of miniaturization, low power consumption and rapid development, and provides a useful reference for small enterprises to promote the application of low-cost micro four-degree-of-freedom manipulators on production lines.
mechanical arm,Arduino,four degrees of freedom
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