IoT-Based Monitoring System of PEMFC-Solar Cell Hybrid Prototype Power Plant

Siti Sendari, Markus Diantoro,Hadi Nur, Lee Siew Ling,Yuni Rahmawati, Slamet Wibawanto,Danang Arengga, Andrian Adriodanel, Satriya Bayu Asmara

2022 6th International Conference on Electrical, Telecommunication and Computer Engineering (ELTICOM)(2022)

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Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) is a type of renewable energy-based power plant that produces electricity from harmless chemical reactions. It has several advantages, such as low temperature, fast, applicable for various systems. Meanwhile, the solar cell is also a type renewable energy producing electricity from photon energy of sunlight. These both renewable energy systems have a good potential to be used in Indonesia. However, these renewable energy systems still have several issues to be implemented as a single power plant, such as intermittent and unable to generate electricity at certain times. Therefore, a hybrid system could be a solution for integrating two power plants. This system should be unified as a hybrid power generation system. Then, electrical generation of the hybrid system is necessary to be monitored and evaluated in real time. IoT-based power plant can be implemented as a data logging to monitor electrical power generation. This paper studies a prototype of a small hybrid power plant. The aim of the monitoring system is to evaluate the efficiency of PEMFC-Solar Cell hybrid power plant. The experimental results show that the monitoring system of small hybrid power plant works efficiently.
IoT,Hybrid Power Plant,PEMFC,Monitoring System,Solar Cell
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