Discovering Policies with DOMiNO

ICLR 2023(2023)

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In this work we propose a Reinforcement Learning (RL) agent that can discover complex behaviours in a rich environment with a simple reward function. We define diversity in terms of state-action occupancy measures, since policies with different occupancy measures visit different states on average. More importantly, defining diversity in this way allows us to derive an intrinsic reward function for maximizing the diversity directly. Our agent, DOMiNO, stands for Diversity Optimization Maintaining Near Optimally. It is based on maximizing a reward function with two components: the extrinsic reward and the diversity intrinsic reward, which are combined with Lagrange multipliers to balance the quality-diversity trade-off. Any RL algorithm can be used to maximize this reward and no other changes are needed. We demonstrate that given a simple reward functions in various control domains, like height (stand) and forward velocity (walk), DOMiNO discovers diverse and meaningful behaviours. We also perform extensive analysis of our approach, compare it with other multi-objective baselines, demonstrate that we can control both the quality and the diversity of the set via interpretable hyperparameters, and show that the set is robust to perturbations of the environment.
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