Fashion-Oriented Image Captioning with External Knowledge Retrieval and Fully Attentive Gates.


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Research related to fashion and e-commerce domains is gaining attention in computer vision and multimedia communities. Following this trend, this article tackles the task of generating fine-grained and accurate natural language descriptions of fashion items, a recently-proposed and under-explored challenge that is still far from being solved. To overcome the limitations of previous approaches, a transformer-based captioning model was designed with the integration of external textual memory that could be accessed through -nearest neighbor (NN) searches. From an architectural point of view, the proposed transformer model can read and retrieve items from the external memory through cross-attention operations, and tune the flow of information coming from the external memory thanks to a novel fully attentive gate. Experimental analyses were carried out on the fashion captioning dataset (FACAD) for fashion image captioning, which contains more than 130k fine-grained descriptions, validating the effectiveness of the proposed approach and the proposed architectural strategies in comparison with carefully designed baselines and state-of-the-art approaches. The presented method constantly outperforms all compared approaches, demonstrating its effectiveness for fashion image captioning.
fashion captioning,image captioning,knowledge retrieval,vision-and-language
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